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50 Years & 50 Careers

In 2023 Sydney Youth Orchestras is celebrating its 50th year of providing aspiring young musicians with an opportunity to reach their full potential and  as an organisation, creating connections through music.

Since its inception in 1973, SYO has provided young people with a platform to explore and develop their musical talents. Over the last half century, SYO has grown from two orchestras to a vibrant community of 14 orchestras and a range of ensembles. SYO has had a profound impact on the lives of thousands of young musicians and our 50th anniversary is a time to celebrate its incredible legacy. It is a time to celebrate the successes of its alumni and to look forward to the future of music in Australia.

SYO has been home to many talented young musicians, and many of its alumni have gone on to become renowned classical musicians, composers, conductors, DJs, rock stars, producers, arts administrators, lawyers and even neuroscientists.

The thread that is SYO runs in each of their lives, it lives and breathes in the memory of an arpeggio or scale, a community that is built on the foundations of music, that over the last half century has built the future of music and delivered an incredible band of musicians that we are proud to call alumni. 

We invite you join us and wrap yourself in the fabric of SYO as we explore 50 years in 50 careers.

Explore 50 years & 50 Careers

Firstly, love the music, and every moment you're able to be holding it, whether that's just listening, thinking, learning, rehearsing or performing it. By all means, be ambitious. But a career & a lifestyle will or won't happen, and it's chancing are only enhanced by your ability to live in each moment in which you're involved in music.

Toby Thatcher, Conductor & SYO Alumni
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