Shefali Pryor

Q. What instruments did you play in SYO?R. Oboe and Cor AnglaisQ. What is your favourite memory of  SYOR. There’s no one ‘favourite’ moment.  It’s more a collection of years of memories of concerts and friends, and discovering a love for that feeling of sitting and playing in the middle of an orchestra- there’s nothing like it!  The ’97 US tour was pretty fun though!!Q. What role does music play in your life?R. I am a professional musician. I have played with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for 20 years, and am now playing with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra . I teach at the Sydney Conservatorium and tutor young musicians whenever I am able. Music has shaped the entire course of my life, and I feel incredibly lucky for it!Q. What is your favourite musical repertoire from the SYO performances? R. It’s an impossible question! I do remember discovering the Ravel piano concerto, and its terrifying, extraordinarily beautiful Cor Anglais solo. He remains one of my favourite composers to this day.Q. What advice would you give young musicians  today?  R. Listen; to your teachers, your peers, as many concerts as you can possibly get to, recordings of every kind of music…  And have fun! Developing the skills we need as musicians takes incredible discipline, patience and hard work, but the goal is always to share what we have to say musically with the people around us. We should only be limited by our imaginations.  Also… scales are the best shortcut, so don’t forget to practice those!  Technique gives us the ability to realise what’s in our hearts, and for me, communicating that is what being a musician is all about.

Shefali Pryor grew up in Sydney where she graduated with First Class Honours from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. During her studies she participated in numerous programs with the Australian Youth Orchestra and was a member of the Sydney Sinfonia. Upon graduating she joined the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as Second Oboe.

In 2004 and 2005 she was granted leave in order to study with Stefan Schilli at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. Not long after her return to Australia she was appointed Associate Principal Oboe. In 2006 she won the Other Instrumental category of the Symphony Australia Young Performer Awards. She has performed as soloist with the Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmanian symphony orchestras, including performances with violinist Nigel Kennedy in 2006.

Shefali Pryor has performed as guest principal with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Auckland Philharmonia, and as a casual musician with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra and the Principle Oboe with The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. 

She is a founding member of the Sydney Omega Ensemble and has performed with the Australia Ensemble, Sydney Soloists, and Southern Cross Soloists as well as with the staff of the Sydney Conservatorium, where she teaches oboe.

She is also the Artistic Director of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Vanguard program for young philanthropists.


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