Andrew Howes

Andrew Howes

Q. First Name:
R. Andrew

Q. Last Name
R. Howes

Q. When did you join SYO?
R. 1999 – I think!

Q. What instruments did you play in SYO?
R. Violin

Q. What is your favourite memory of SYO
R. It’s hard to choose! I have distant yet extremely fond memories of Barbara Cran, as her string orchestra at SYO was the very first orchestral experience I had.

I think that the strongest memory I have is of 2010, rehearsing and performing the Piano Concerto, Entre Ritos y Parrandas by Daniel Rojas, with Konstantin Shamray. Seeing how Daniel interacted with the orchestra has definitely influenced me as a composer!

Q. What role does music play in your life?
R. I am wholeheartedly devoted to a life of music, and I think that I have been since I was of single digit age. It may be incurable… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aside from my life as a composer, I am a very busy orchestrator, the skills for which I developed by spending time playing in programs like the Sydney Youth Orchestra’s. Nothing teaches orchestration like that sort of exposure.

Q. What is your favourite musical repertoire from the SYO performances?
R. I think that I have to go with Beethoven 7

Q. What advice would you give young musicians today?
R. Take it all as seriously as you can, and absorb everything.

Q. Any other information or anecdotes you would like to share with the SYO?
R. Although it was a long time ago, I can just about remember this: When I was eight, Barbara Cran found out that I was interested in composition, and arranged for a reading of a piece of mine, with her orchestra at SYO (of which I was a member). I still have a copy of that piece – it had quite a hard viola part!

Q. Weblink or LinkedIn profile if you have one:

Andrew Howes b.1992
Andrew Howes is a Sydney-based composer with a profound fascination with creating mu-sic deriving its initial artistic intent form the ever present natural forces of the Australian Landscape. His works have been performed by ensembles including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, the Tasmanian Sym-phony Orchestra, Enigma & Kristian Winther Quartets, the Australian and Sydney Youth Or-chestras, the Song Company, the Omega Ensemble and Moorambilla Voices, where he has been composer-in-residence six times.

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