Auditions for the 2024 The.SYO season are now closed.

If you have missed the application deadline for The Sydney Youth Orchestra 2023, please submit an Expression of Interest or contact us to ensure you receive the latest information.

Musicians who play more in-demand instruments such as Viola, Double Bass, Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, and Percussion are encouraged to contact us. Late applications may be accepted based on available places in the program.

How Auditions Work

Audition Application

Each year from July to September applications open to become a member of The Sydney Youth Orchestra.

Audition Excerpts and Instructions

On application, audition excerpts & instructions will be emailed automatically to you.

Submit Your Video Audition

You will be required to submit your video audition by the deadline set by SYO

Audition Panels

SYO will convene Audition Panels to review all applications. Panels include an instrumental specialist and often an SYO Conductor


In December, successful musicians will be offered a position in the orchestra for the following year. Some musicians may also receive a reserve offer or a program offer. This is dependent on the number of positions available per program.


Musicians may receive an early-bird discount for accepting their offer early. Any musician on a reserve or program offer, may receive another offer if a position becomes available by someone else declining an offer.


All 2023 SYO members re-applying will be charged a $55.00 audition fee. Applicants new to SYO will be charged a $65.00 audition fee. These fees are payable at the time of your audition application and contribute to the booking of professional panellists and administration for your audition. 

Like all state-based youth orchestras in Australia, SYO auditions all players –  each year – on a competitive basis. Competitive auditions are the accepted method of equitably assessing an orchestra’s members and ensuring that players of similar ability are placed together. As a training organisation, auditions are a key part of becoming a professional musician and as such we aim to prepare our musicians for this experience. There are two main reasons that we audition each year: 

Individual players progress at different rates. Placements are based on playing ability in the context of all auditionees, not on membership length. Each year there will be some players from an ensemble who are ready to face the challenges of another ensemble and some who will benefit more from continuing with their current group. 

There are new members auditioning for Sydney Youth Orchestras each year. By hearing all players, new and existing, auditioning for an orchestra, we can be sure that our standards are high, and that placement is fair and appropriate for everyone. This provides balance within each ensemble and maximum benefit for its members. 

No. All information gained through the audition process is private and confidential. Sydney Youth Orchestras will not enter into a conversation that concerns an applicant’s audition results with the applicant, their parents/guardians or teachers. This mirrors the audition processes in the music profession and Sydney Youth Orchestras strives to prepare musicians for the reality of professional audition and performance standards and procedures. 

The audition panel will make seating recommendations after watching all videos, including recommendations for Principals. In The Sydney Youth Orchestra, Principals of each section are expected to take a leadership role in rostering their section in consultation with the Orchestra Manager, Head of Artistic Planning, Head of Operations and, in some cases, the conductor for a particular program. 

Yes! There are a number of different scholarships are available to support young musicians and their families. 

To receive more information and a scholarship form, be sure to check the appropriate box on your online audition application.

There are also scholarships for tertiary, regional and Principal Chairs. Read more about our scholarships here.

Scholarship results are announced on the same day as audition results. Any received scholarship value will be reflected directly on your enrolment form. 

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