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There's nothing better than a good conversation. Everyone has their say, everyone listens. And, despite the occasional disagreements and differences of opinion, everything resolves itself and we all feel better for it. Welcome to SYO Chamber.

A selection of our talented musicians of The Sydney Youth Orchestra will be led by the wonderful SYO alumni Liisa and Jaan Pallandi to bring to you the best of the best of musical conversations. 

Join us in the magical acoustic realm that is The Neilson and submit yourself to the wonders of chamber music!

More details to come...

Program run time: approx. 65-70 minutes, no interval


Heinrich Biber Battalia à 10 (1673) - 11'

Melody Eötvös Meraki (2020) - 7'
Claude Debussy Danse sacrée et danse profane (1904) - 10'

Dmitri Shostakovich (arr. Barshai) Chamber Symphony

Heinrich Biber - Battalia à 10 (1673)
This baroque composition showcases Biber's inventive and imaginative approach to composition. Boldly and humorously traversing scenes from the battlefield to the brewery, Biber toys with a delightful variety of styles and techniques, including unconventional tuning, imitative textures, and evocative musical effects.
Melody Eötvös - Meraki (2020)
"Meraki", by contemporary Australian composer Melody Eötvös, explores the concept of meraki, which means to put one's soul, creativity, and love into their work. Through a blend of orchestral textures, intricate harmonies, and dynamic contrasts, Eötvös creates a captivating and introspective musical journey.
Claude Debussy - Danse sacrée et danse profane (1904)
Debussy's enchanting work for harp and strings, "Danse sacrée et danse profane," combines elements of sacred and profane music. The piece showcases the harp's versatility, ranging from ethereal and celestial melodies to lively and rhythmic passages. Hear SYO Principal Harp, Paul Nicolaou, feature in this lush and virtuosic work. 
Dmitri Shostakovich (arr. Barshai) - Chamber Symphony op.110a (1960)
This arrangement by Rudolf Barshai transforms Shostakovich's emotionally charged String Quartet No. 8 into a chamber symphony for string orchestra. Featuring intense and poignant melodies, intricate counterpoint, and an intensity synonymous with Shostakovich's complex personal and political struggles, this is a fiery final work in this chamber program. 

op.110a (1960) - 35'

Leader - Liisa Pallandi* (ACO)

Liisa Pallandi has been a permanent member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra since 2014. Having been an ACO Emerging Artist under the mentorship of Helena Rathbone in 2012, Liisa is passionate about the orchestra’s education programs. She has been a formal mentor to Emerging Artists since 2016 and a regular tutor with the ACO Academy program since 2014. Liisa is currently a guest teacher at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Liisa loved playing in large ensembles from the get-go, playing in as many youth orchestras as she could get her hands on! This of course included a stint with the Sydney Youth Orchestra, beginning with a tour of Italy in 2004 and ending with a fondly-remembered performance of Mahler’s Third Symphony in 2009. Since those early days she has performed with orchestras around Australia, including the Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmainan Symphony Orchestras and the Australian World Orchestra, and has been Guest Principal Violin with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Liisa has performed as a chamber musician in the Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Four Winds Festivals, as well as the Thy Chamber Music festival in Denmark.

Liisa currently enjoys performing with a range of performers in diverse styles on both violin and viola. She is currently performing on a violin made in 1759 by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini generously on loan from the ACO.

(Photography: Stephanie Berger)

Leader - Jaan Pallandi* (SSO)

Jaan Pallandi is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer and arranger from Sydney. He has been a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra double bass section since 2016, and also regularly plays as a casual musician with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Beyond the orchestra, Jaan is an active chamber musician and has played at the Four Winds Festival, with the Tarsus collective, and the Omega Ensemble. He has performed early music with the Australian Haydn Ensemble, the Bach Akademie Australia, and Muffat Collective, contemporary music with the Sydney Chamber Opera, as a concerto soloist with the Sydney Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, and improvised experimental music at the Rouse Hill Psychadelia festival.

As a tutor Jaan has worked for the Australian Youth Orchestra, Sydney Youth Orchestra, and the Border Music Camp. Away from the double bass, Jaan loves writing and arranging music, serves as a board member for Ensemble Apex, and has a keen interest in jazz piano.

(Photography: Christie Brewster)

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